Dr. Nourmand is a Chiropractor who has been practicing for more than 40 years, treating Musculoskeletal Disorders of the spine and extremities, in addition to Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ).


For treatment, he combines physical therapy, soft tissue manipulation, myofascial trigger point release, joint mobilization, core muscle strengthening, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, as well as selective yoga and pilates stretches for neuromuscular stabilization and re-education.


"I saw Dr. Nourmand about one year after my back surgery.  I was suffering from daily, lower back pain. The pain radiated to my legs and I was experiencing weakness and  numbness in both feet.  After a few treatments, my sciatic nerve as decreased. I no longer suffer with the type of intense lower back and hip pain. I don’t get the muscle cram in my leg and big toe. My mobility has increased. I am able to exercise on a daily basis.."


"He has the intuitive gift  and ability to analyze the patient’s posture and joint restrictions s the patient walks into his office."


"His treatments essentially emphasizes on increasing muscle strength, agility, coordination and balance to prevent future injuries and falls in older people."


"The best doctor in town! He is a healer! He is my to go doctor. He has helped me alot. I couldn't move due to some back pain and I was pain free after a few visits. He has great techniques and works with pressure points. I felt relieved right way!  He is extremely kind and understands the body very well. I don't know what I would do without Dr. Nourmand. I highly recommend Dr. Nourmand."


"Dr. Nourmand is fantastic, I HIGHLY reccomend him. He's so kind, caring, and calming...and really knows his stuff. I so enjoy that he does not do the typical cracking , and instead chooses to work with pressure points and healing the muscles. I've been seeing him for almost a month now after I got in a car accident, and I highly recommend him."


"He really works miracle! He fixes my pain without me even telling him where hurts. I saw results after one session. I recommend him 100%!!"


"I came to see Dr.Nourmand  trough my friend recommendation , he has treated me for about  one moth now ,and I feel much better . He's very professional , helping and understanding, for I have Been seeing him since my surgery. I would recommend him to anyone."


"Dr. Nourmand treats each patient as an individual and creates a treatment plan specifically for you. In fact, he rarely does the "cracking" adjustment. He uses a variety of therapies including deep myofacial pressure with his magic thumbs, addressing issues in the muscles, joints, nerves, and trigger points. He has an amazing and intuitive knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and movement."


"He saved me!!!! I was told by my radiologist that I wouldn't be able to play tennis for 10 weeks since I tore my calf muscle, let alone walk. After 3 sessions of physical therapy with Dr Nourmand I started walking. Now 6 weeks later I'm back to playing tennis."

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PHONE:  310.275.0160

FAX:  310.274.7529


11110 OHIO AVE, STE 109



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